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Back In The USSR

Did you have USSR in elementary school? That’s what my teachers called silent reading sessions, lately I’ve been having them with my son.

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Interview With Richard “Huck” Scarry Jr

[twitter]There are 3 names that simply sum up the media consumption of children: Henson. Seuss. Scarry. Huckle Cat and Lowly Worm are two characters instantly recognizable by parents and children alike. For generations, Richard Scarry‘s…

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13 Dr Seuss Day Quotes

March 2,is Dr Theodor Seuss Geisil’s birthday.

It’s true, parents no longer read fairy tales to their kids, because they are old and dated, but the century old stories of Dr Seuss have stood the test of time.

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10 Nursery Rhymes Parents Won’t Read

Hansel and Gretel’s storyline about two abandoned kids is thought likely to scare children. Jack and the Beanstalk was deemed too ‘unrealistic’. Gingerbread Man had parents uncomfortable explaining gingerbread man gets eaten by fox.

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Opera Is Everywhere

There’s a great Mojo Nixon song called “Elvis Is Everywhere” which you can listen to and watch if you stay with me on this “Opera is Everywhere” post. To a child, the world is full…

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Childrens Books That (Don’t) Suck

Admit it. You’ve hidden (thrown out) more than a few of your kids’ favourite books. You took them out to visit your aunt at the farm to play with the Barney DVDs and Old Yeller….

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