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“Chewie, We’re Home”

Chewie, we’re home.” Isnt that the best? It’s exactly what Star Wars feels like. It’s home. It’s my past, my present, my future. It’s my childhood, it’s my sons’. Here’s teaser trailer #2 for The Force Awakens. Enjoy

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Zacharie And Charlie Set To Take A #JourneyToMars

NASA is planning a voyage to Mars and you can send your name to Mars as part of the journey. The Orion program starts with a test launch on December 4 and my boys’ names will be on board. Here’s how you can send your name to Mars on future missions.

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Taking My Kids On A Visit To Endor

It’s not that hard to imagine you are on different planets from the Star Wars system. I’ve taken my kids to Hoth and Tattooine and this summer we made a visit to Endor.

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