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[twitter]Men are visual animals. There’s a reason we don’t read certain magazines for the articles and instead stare at the pictures.

Car seat installation manuals are beasts when it comes to navigating the correct way to install a car seat. Goofy drawings that make Ikea manuals easy. Toss in acronyms and long drawn out directions and it’s tougher for a man to get through than one of his wife’s Shopaholic books.

Car seat installation videos, on the other hand, make life easier. I can see it from different angles, they can talk me through it, I can follow along with the manual. I can stop, rewind, watch it again. If they have videos showing us how to put on airplane seatbelts, there needs to be manufacturer videos for car seat installation.

I’m currently reviewing the Safety 1st Air Protect from Dorel. The manual is like any other manual – tough. They have videos on their website touting the seat’s safety, but not for installation.

I believe the manufacturer needs to be more obvious about these videos and include a dvd in the box, or a clear link to a website with a YouTube video showing me someone doing it properly.

4 out of 5 parents don’t know how to correctly install a car seat. 80%. The car seat can be as solid as a brick wall and as light and cushiony as angel wings, but if I don’t install it properly it’s not going to work.

Car seat installation is the most important part of car seat safety.

Here are some useful car seat installation resources:

BCAA’s Traffic Safety Foundation, with ICBC, has developed a comprehensive Child Passenger Safety Program. It includes a Toll-free Child Car Seat information line: 1-877-247-5551 and car seat clinics. has a comprehensive list of car seat installation videos, some of them even for specific manufacturers.

Dorel, the Safety 1st Air Protect manufacturer, partnered with to create a video about installation basics.

This post is part of a series encompassing Car Seat 101.

[Disclosure: Safety 1st gave us a car seat to keep and review. They are not involved in the editorial related to our review and are not a direct sponsor of DadCAMP.]

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  1. Samantha October 24, 2009 at 10:29 pm

    Hi, just wanted to mention a few things about the above video. First Make sure to removed the infant head rest as your child gets older as it can get in the way of properly buckling your child into their seat. Don't tighten the Top tether until you have the seat installed properly as this can make getting a tight install hard. But remember to tighten the top tether once you have the seat installed properly. Also the UAS (LATCH) Clips in the video are turned upside down when she installed them. They should clip down onto the UAS Anchor, not up onto it. Also before installing the seat, make sure to sit your child into the seat and make sure that the harnesses are at the proper height. For Forward Facing the harnesses need to be either AT or ABOVE their shoulders. When Tightening the UAS Strap, pull the strap in the direction of the where the strap is threaded through the seat, as this will make it easier (less resistance).
    Other than those things the install above it well done. Its nice and tight!

    Canadian Car Seat Tech.

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