Canada Declares BPA Toxic Substance

Bisphenol-A (BPA) has been declared a toxic substance by the Canadian government, the first nation in the world to take the bold step.

2 years ago they declared the synthetic substance dangerous, today they increased the warning. BPA is used to make clear plastics rigid, it is used in the liners of canned goods and it is more often than not in the foods we give our kids.

Statistics Canada has found BPA in the urine of more than 90% of Canadians. The chemical takes on properties similar to estrogen and is being blamed for the earlier onset of puberty in girls. BPA is also being linked to breast and prostate cancer.

2 years ago I cleaned out my cupboards of baby bottles made of BPA that we used to feed our sons. Problem is, Charlie is still fed formula. From cans. That are, most likely, lined with BPA.

The Canadian government declared BPA a toxic substance, that’s the good news. The next news is how to get it out of the system, because it’s omnipresent.

Here’s a list of stories I wrote back when this story first broke to help you learn more about BPA, how to find out if it’s in your cupboards, and the products you can buy to replace the ones that have BPA.

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