Why I Am Pro Choice AND Pro Life

It’s 2012 and the choice debate has reared up again. Bizarre, I thought we had settled this years ago. But, like the issue of Quebec separation, the rules around abortion seem to never be fully agreed upon. Always, in the background, it’s a topic that needs to be debated.

A number of articles have had me doing some self-reflection on the choice issue. This NYT piece ponders what “Pro Life” really means, while a Mommyish author comes out on the side of non-parent approved birth control. Then you have the campaign headlines following the likes of Mourdock, Romney, and Akin that seems to have stirred this whole mess up again.

So, I find myself doing an inventory of how I feel on the issue of choice and it boils down to: I am Pro Life AND Pro Choice.

It’s a reasonable decision that proves the right to decide what happens to a woman’s body is none of my damn business.

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