We spent $250 for my son and a dozen friends to have a movie birthday party this weekend. The costs included admission, popcorn, balloons, lunch, video games, and decorations. It didn’t include loot bags.

Let’s be real, birthday parties are ridiculous. Let’s do the math: 2 of our own birthdays at $250 a pop, plus at least 8 other birthdays with $20 gifts over the course of the school year and you’re looking at nearly $1000, or an $80/month bill, on child birthday parties alone.


So when one of the kids at my son’s birthday party boldly asked “When do we get our loot bags?”, as the party wound down, we told him there weren’t any loot bags.

The news wasn’t well received.

Earlier this spring, Stephanie Wilder Tayler boldly asked “Is Your Child’s Birthday Party Pissing People Off?“, well, our lack of loot bags was obviously a pisser to at least one of the kids.

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