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[twitter]We finally did it. Work and weather co-operated to let my son and I spend a night under the stars – for real.

We’ve been fans of uncamping the past few weeks. We just get out of town for a day of hiking, s’more making, fishing, and adventures before returning home before bed. It was great to have a real night with nature.

I’ll admit I’m a city slicker.

While I enjoy camping with my son, I do like my creature comforts. I’m not so crazy as to go out and spend $100 000 on a huge RV or trailer, we stay in a tent when we camp, but I do add some tricks so we don’t totally “rough it” in the woods.

Check out the things I use (and wish I had) to make camping feel, well, less like camping.

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  1. geof l August 7, 2012 at 11:38 am

    very cool!
    You don’t have to go far or buy expensive equipment as it’s more about the adventure to the kids. We use a two person complete camping gear setup we got at for about $200. I found almost everything fits inside the cooler they sent so storage is not a problem and we can set up camp in under 5 minutes. It’s so handy and we try to get away one night every 3 months which sometimes means we set up in the backyard and cook on the grill…

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