Cameron Diaz Says Don’t Watch The Birth

condescending wonka parents kids
[twitter]My favorite part about having kids is when people without kids offer advice.

From taking kids to restaurants, to organizing birthday parties, to how to get kids to eat vegetables, it’s amazing how much wisdom one can have without ever having experienced parenting.

I was the same way, to be honest. Parenting is so easy when you’re not in it. A+B=C every single time, except the kids don’t understand that logic, and variables are tossed into every single decision that make no sense.

So if you don’t have kids, you don’t get an opinion, frankly. Shut it. You don’t get it. You don’t understand. Stop telling us what to do, please.

The latest childless genius is Cameron Diaz. She’s making the rounds for What To Expect. She has never had children of her own, but plays a pregnant woman in the movie and so the interviewers are asking her parenting related questions.

And while her advice may be controversial, this time I actually agree with the childless expert.

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