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I haven’t taught either of my boys to ride a bike. I mean, I tried, but it wasn’t me that got them over the hump, it was Pedalheads. And I’m totally fine with that.

Pedalheads has been a consistent part of our summer day camp activities for the past four years now. They taught Zacharie to ride, they got Charlie interested in riding and got him over the hump.

From little kids on striders and trikes to bigger kids learning the rules of the road and heading out on all day trips, Pedalheads covers the full age range.

Now that Z is a good rider, we had him in a street camp. They learned rules of the road for a day or two, and then each day during the week they stretched out their rides. By the end of the week, they were off on a 20k ride downtown, around the river, up big hills, and back. It was a big effort, and he did it!

Charlie’s camp focussed on learning how to get off on two wheels on his own. He spent the week on a big grass field to soften any crash landings, and after a day of needing a push off, he was off and racing on his own. Every instructor we have encountered at Pedalheads has been patient and encouraging. They’ve been great.

Charlie riding his bike

There’s also a great Heroheads combo camp where kids can spend half a day riding, and the other half in obstacle courses hoping to earn their cape by the end of the week. We had the boys in this one last year and they loved it.

For a complete outdoor experience that is keeping your kids active and giving them a valuable life skill of bike safety, Pedalheads tops our list every summer.

Pedalheads Graduates

What Zacharie liked best about day camp at Pedalheads: “I really, really, really liked the free play and the awesome ideas that they do.”

What Charlie liked best about day camp at Pedalheads“Building the technic builds were my favorite.”

What I liked best about day camp at Pedalheads: “My kids learn to ride in a safe, friendly, encouraging environment. The instructors have huge smiles and are so encouraging of the kids as they grow and succeed.”

Pedalheads Calgary Details:
Phone: 1-888-886-6464

Disclosure: Pedalheads is a brand partner of DadCAMP.

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