[twitter]The theme for the 102nd edition of the Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth is Champions.  The latest commercial for the Calgary Stampede goes through your usual routine of highlighting the great athletes that compete at the rodeo before straying off to more community-minded definitions of what exactly a champion is and does.

The spot breaks down height requirements, dress codes, age restrictions, ability and more. The tone of the commercial is to celebrate us all as champions. From the square dancer to the two stepper, from the pancake breakfast volunteer to the chuck wagon drivers, from the midway winner to the dad wearing his baby like a true Calgary Stampede champion.

The Calgary Stampede website has divided all that you can do at the Calgary Stampede into ‘champion experiences’ to show that not only is there something for everyone at the Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth, but that we can all be proud to own our experience at the Calgary Stampede.

What Kind of Champion Are You?

While I won’t be wearing a baby this year, I will once again prove that I am a champion kid wrangler. Thanks for celebrating dads, and families, Calgary Stampede.

See you on July 4.

Calgary Stampede Champions - DadCAMP

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