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DadCAMP appears every two weeks in The Calgary Herald Neighbours section. This was originally published the weekend of July 3, 2014.

[twitter]Last weekend, as I took Charlie for his first camping adventure without his brother, all he would ask about were s’mores. When I suggested a hike up Tunnel Mountain, and a swim at the Upper Hot Springs, all I got was “and then we have s’mores?” in return.

When we got back from our afternoon adventure around 5, he was nudging me to make s’mores for a dinner main course. I may have skipped them for almost my entire life, but my kids are making up for the time I lost.

As I shared my confession on social media, I was scolded and admonished by friends for missing out on a genuine summer joy for so long. Then they started taunting with other summer campfire recipes gleaned from Pinterest.

Oh you may laugh at my lack of a lifetime of s’moring, but have you had a campfire cone? What about a baked banana boat? Or roasted Rice Krispie squares? I may have taken a long time to get on board s, but I’m not delaying these brilliant ways to have s’mores.

Nutella Smores

Roast your marshmallow as perfectly as you like, but insted of placing between graham crackers with a wedge of chocolate, spread Nutella on the crackers. The soft, gooey, nutty chocolate spread melts with the mushy mallow and makes for a perfect s’more.

Campfire Cones

Stuff sugar ice cream cones with miniature marshmallows, chocolate chips, and slices of banana, or strawberry (or leave the fruit out, you choice). Wrap the cone in foil, and then place over hot coals for a few minutes. Carefully peel back the foil and gaze upon the warm, melted goodness.

Slice open a banana (still in the peel) and stuff in miniature marshmallows, chocolate chips, shredded coconut. Wrap it all back up in foil, and then place over hot coals for a few minutes.Carefully peel back the foil and pass around the forks to dig in to the best campfire-style banana split ever.

Perfect Roasted Marshmallow

Rice Krispie squares are just marshmallows and Rice Krispies, right? So roast up your marshmallow to the point of melting, and then roll it in a bed of crispy rice. The grains should stick to the marshmallow making a perfect campgire Rice Krispie square.

If you’re heading out near a fire pit this weekend, make sure you get what you need to celebrate summer with these next level campfire treats.

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