Calgary Dads have a place to meet, talk, share, empathize, and hang out.

The Calgary Dads Group on Facebook was started by Dave Barton of @CdnCamping2 and quickly exploded with hundreds of Calgary dads joining to talk about what it means to be a father.

I’m so thrilled. I started DadCAMP as a way to network with other dads in Vancouver when I lost my job back in 09. And now, as Calgary goes through a huge economic trough, Calgary dads are getting together to offer support, advice, and camaraderie.

dads having waffles
Sunday Morning Waffle Crew at Dad 2.016 in Washington, DC

We had our first meetup this week. It was small, just four guys grabbing some wings and a pint, but it was perfect. We talked about camping with our kids, how to find schools for our kids, how to reinvent your career and, most importantly, how to make this group of Calgary dads larger.

Her’s the link to join. If you’re a Calgary dad, you’re welcome. And you’re welcome to bring your friends along. We want to have events with our kids, events just for us, and we want to work together to show that dads give a damn, we care about family, and we’re raising the bar on what’s expected of modern men.

We’ve already planned another event on February 21. More beer. More wings. More camaraderie. Get it in your calendar.

As I get ready to speak at Dad 2.0 Summit in San Diego next month, I’m looking forward to getting together with ‘my people’ – guys who care about the modern messaging of fatherhood and are looking to make their mark going forward.

And I’m so glad I’ve found a similar group of Calgary dads.

If you’re a dad in Calgary and looking to meet other guys to arrange playdates, have nights away from the kids, or just get advice for your vasectomy, join us and spread the word.


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