[twitter]God I miss that laugh. That uncontrollable, fresh, genuine, full, complete laugh that children posses. The younger they are the better it is.

I don’t know where it goes, but while the boys still get cranked up over the smallest thing, it’s just not as ROTFLMAO as when they were infants.

Kids laughing is the best. The best tonic to everything and this video of Buzz and the dandelions is the best ever.

And not just because the kid is named Buzz. Okay, partly.

The dad is Tom Fletcher of the UK band, McFly and, yes, his son is named Buzz. This isnt the first time Tom has gone viral, last year he was picked as Celebrity Dad of the Year because of his ability to juggle fatherhood and a touring with a successful band.

On the dandelion clip, he captioned it simply “This is why being a dad is so awesome.” Agreed. Fletcher had another viral hit with the video Bump to Buzz, documenting his wife’s pregnancy.

I’ve got all kinds of time for this guy. The simple minute long clip of a child laughing unconditionally with glee over a flying dandelion is absolutely perfect. Being a parent is about the little things. The spontaneous laughter that comes with picking dandelions with your son is one of those little things.

I’m so glad Tom shared this clip. Boy do I ever miss that infant laughter.

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