I’m setting myself up for a busy fall.

Already we’ve got soccer, art, dance, on the activity list and as the boys get older, school needs to be taken seriously too. The programs are piling up and Tuesday is becoming my busy day. One son with art, the other with dance, and two parents scrambling to get home from work, dinner made, and out the door.

So, with a family in and out through the evening on different schedules, Taco Tuesday comes to the rescue.

It’s finger food.

It’s a DIY meal.

It’s quick.

It’s not expensive.

I can leave it out and have people come and go at different times.

There’s a variety of food on the table so everyone gets what they like.

The kids can help with the prep.

It’s easy, and it’s fun.

On the days I have a little more time, I toss a little more variety out on the kitchen table. I like shrimp, the boys like chicken strips, my wife likes beef.

This is also a chance to let my kids try new foods, get creative, and be in control of what they eat.

On a hectic family night, I don’t want to be fighting and negotiating over how many bites of brussell sprouts they’ve tried. I want them to fill up and get back on the road.

So I let them put ketchup in their tacos. Because it means they’re involved.

We just keep it simple, a la carte, and quick when we do Taco Tuesday.

If you want to get a little more creative, here are some other easy Taco Tuesday recipes to try from Old El Paso:

taco tuesdayGrilled Chicken Ten Minute Tacos (left) Double Layer Tacos (center) Dessert Tacos (right)

Old El Paso has what you need for an easy Taco Tuesday!

Old El Paso Tortilla Bowls are soft tortilla bowls to make taco night easier, and less messy. It truly is easy to stuff and even easier to eat – the only soft Tortilla that stands up by itself. Perfect complement to any meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert!

Old El Paso Hard & Soft Taco Dinner Kits are a staple in our pantry because they are an easy, quick and a delicious meal all wrapped up in the iconic yellow packaging. It’s a meal that actually allows families to accommodate everyone, from picky eaters to adventurous ingredient lovers. Allow your family and friends to top their taco or tortilla with their favourite fresh ingredients.

Old El Paso Taco Seasoning Mix is handy for the times when I want to ad lib some Mexican flare for the family. The seasoning is not only limited to tacos; you can use it on corn or barbecue chicken, and even to make a delicious mexi-lasagna.

taco tuesday gear

Disclosure: This post brought to you by Old El Paso.

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