Charlie and Zacharie Skyline - DadCAMP

I tell my boys as often as I can that girls can do anything boys can do. We talk often about how there are no ‘girl toys’ or ‘boy toys’ there are just ‘toys.’

I try to raise them in a world where everyone is equal regardless of gender, race, or whom they love.

And yet, boys will be boys.

I won a Canon EOS Rebel T5 at the Dad 2.0 Summit last month. Last week Neil Zeller had a photography workshop where I learned how to use it. This weekend, I took the boys out to take some photos of the skyline to practice my new skill.

The first few pictures were fine.

Charlie and Calgary Skyline - DadCAMP

Charlie and Calgary Skyline - DadCAMP

Then things got goofy.

Zacharie Eats Calgary Tower - DadCAMP

Charlie Eats Calgary Tower - DadCAMP

Okay, I may have been the one to position them to lean in and open their mouths to make it look like they were eating the Calgary Tower.

Charlie laughed so hard he peed his pants (something I wouldn’t find out until 3 hours later).

Our second stop was the Bow Tower and Wonderland. The tower is the tallest office building in Canada outside Toronto, the sculpture at its base one of Calgary’s top tourist attractions. There were people taking time lapses with GoPros, flashing peace signs, and taking all sorts of pictures when we were there.

Wonderland at Bow Tower - DadCAMP

I tried to convince Charlie and Zacharie to lean in and make it look like they were kissing the sculpture, Charlie decided to take a bite instead.

Charlie at Wonderland - DadCAMP

And then he wanted to make it look like she was kissing his butt.

Butt Kiss at Wonderland - DadCAMP

Because boys will be boys.

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