New Year's Day In K Country

[twitter]I love that we are not in the eastern time zone. Flip on CNN and you can celebrate New Year’s arrival at 10p. It was even better when we lived in Vancouver, and you could ring the alarm at 9p.

10p is a good stretch for a 6 and 4 year old to stay up, they were right groggy by the time they banged pots and pans in the snow of our street and immediately crashed out.

After a good sleep in until 7:45 (ya, I know.. you’d think they’d stay in bed til 9, but our boys are early risers no matter how late they stay up), we packed up and headed to K-Country for brunch and a hike.

Troll Falls is my absolute favorite hike for kids near Calgary. It’s short (about 2k return), there’s a bridge with a troll themed geocache underneath, and at the end of the hike is a big waterfall. In the winter, it’s frozen. 25 feet of solid ice. Spectacular.

After a big brunch at Delta Lodge Kananaskis, we crossed the road for our hike.

New Year's Day In K Country
Zacharie be careful of the ‘bear poo’ on the trail to Troll Falls.
New Year's Day In K Country
Charlie trying to tow his brother up a hill.

The hike to Troll Falls was a great wander down the path with the boys in the sled and the crisp air in our face.

New Year's Day In K Country
The fabulous frozen Troll Falls.
New Year's Day In K Country
Zacharie giving his shot at ice climbing.

Happy New Year!

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