Finding games that are educational and actually fun can be a big task for the dads of today. Kids know that if some form of learning is involved, they’re most likely not going to be having a lot of fun. In this guide, we’ll be teaching you all about bingo games that can allow them to be rambunctious while still learning.

One of our favourite versions of this game involves languages and it’s really simple to tailor to your child. With most schools teaching some form of French, Spanish, German or other modern language, these can come in handy to build up vocabulary. All you need to do is create a game board and then fill it with English words. Then, call out random words in the new language and allow your child to mark off the corresponding boxes on their card.This can make homework a bit more fun and you can use a more complex system as the game goes on. Choosing the right verbs or tenses can also fit into a bingo game easily and will allow you to up the ante of the game as you go on. This is a good way to make the game work for kids of different ages and levels.

If your kids tend to struggle with maths then you can add more numerical values into your game. This could help them learn their times tables or general sums, as you quiz them while they dab these cards off. Remember that the winner is selected by dabbing off all the numbers first, so it pays to be speedy in these games. You can add penalties for wrong answers too.

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Back to the games you can play with your kids, these can be pretty varied too. They’ll appeal to their sense of fun, which can help to disguise the boring learning bit. If you like, you can choose a prize to give them too, as this will incentivize them to join in. Even small things like sweets or toys can get them interested in the game.

If you tend to have family activity nights then this can play an important role within them. Do be aware that some kids might just try to be sneaky and copy others. Take time to explain the rules and don’t be afraid to give time outs where needed. Then, you can rest assured that the winners are really trying their best and deserve the prize.

Education and games may not always seem like they go together but these games will help to change that for your kids. Tailor them to whatever subject your child needs help with and their level, then everyone can enjoy the bingo fun.

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