A Sweet Swiss Rolls Treat To Give Your Kids[twitter]I try to keep it to “healthy choices” with the boys, as most of us do. Sure, we step out for ice cream or bake chocolate chip cookies every now and again, but it’s mostly good food, not fast food that we feed the boys.

When doing the groceries this weekend, I spotted this box of Little Debbie Swiss Rolls. I don’t know how I got so deep in the boxed baked goods section, but there I was and there they were.

Back in the day, my grandmother would have a box of Swiss Rolls in her pantry ready and waiting for our visit. They were individually wrapped in foil, and they would be that “grandmother’s-only-are-allowed-to-do-this” kind of treat we’d get from her.

I may not be my son’s grandmother, but I still bought a box. More for me, than for them.

There are smells and tastes that bring me back to my grandmother’s house. The stale smell of cardboard from her closet that was stacked with board games. The fragrant aroma of sausage, thyme, and sage when making turkey stuffing. And when I bit into that sugary, sweet, chocolate roll, I was 8 years old again sitting at her kitchen table.

My boys aren’t candy kids. They didn’t really even want to try the swiss rolls, which is fine because that means there’s more yummy memories for me.

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