Just like all other products available today, toys are divided into categories, seemingly aimed at different classes. Some of them are affordable for everyone, others are truly cheap (and their quality is often on par with their price), while there are toys that were seemingly created for the elites that are able (and willing) to spend small fortunes on them. Which is interesting, because the amount of fun one can have with a toy doesn’t depend on its price.

Back in our childhood, we had the same – or more – fun playing with our battered, die-cast Matchboxes than with the ultimate Lamborghini toys. Still, as there is always a manufacturer offering what everyone needs (or rather wants), here are a few examples of toys created with nothing but luxury in mind. Whether they are the best toys money can buy, we’ll let you decide.

Saab Roadster de Luxe by Playsam

Saab is a brand with a long history – and it seemingly is “history” on its own, considering that the Swedish carmaker has gone bankrupt, and the new owner of its assets has announced the use of a new brand for its future products. But Playsam is here to carry on the heritage of this long-running brand with its ride-on cars based on early models. And one of its most luxurious ones is the Saab Roadster de Luxe, which costs $582.

This hefty price tag comes with some extra features, too, like a design based on the very first Saab model, Prototype 92001, a steering wheel made of wood and metal covered in leather, just like its seats.

Victorian Play House by Poshtots

A playhouse is a source of endless fun and games for kids. But not all playhouses are created equal. Poshtots’ Victorian Playhouse, for example, offers kids all the luxury they might dream of – and parents the chance to cough up quite the sum: it costs $27,500.

The house is custom-built (the price depends on the design chosen for the house) and comes with amenities like a turret, a front porch, a gable bay with flower boxes, and the possibility to be connected to the power grid, running water, and cable TV. For those not into Victorian design, the company offers a range of different exteriors, from rustic cottages to fairytale castles.

The world’s largest inflatable obstacle course

Playing outdoors is very important – and an obstacle course is a lot of fun for anyone. And if you happen to have a truly large backyard, you won’t even have to build it – you can simply order an inflatable one from Hammacher Schlemmer.

That is if you happen to have $12,500 to spare (plus $300 for shipping). This massive construct is 85 feet long and comes with all the military’s tried and tested obstacles, from potholes and rope swings to a pit (that can be filled with water or plastic balls, your choice) and a “laser field” simulated through the use of elastic bands.

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