If you’re on the lookout for the best gifts for a 10 year old boy who loves all things outdoors, then this blog has heaps of ideas. Sometimes it can be challenging to find toys for boys who are always on the move and seem to value spending time in the garden more than sitting down and playing. However, it’s possible to land upon a gift that they’re bound to love for years to come. Here are some that you should definitely consider:

Metal detector

Some boys dream of becoming explorers, which makes a metal detector one of the best gifts they could receive on their tenth birthday. Not only will they be able to look for pirate treasure with their friends, but they might even learn a thing or two about science. If you’re going to be buying this gift, do a bit of research and find the best places to use a metal detector so your special little boy will have the best chance at finding something amazing. If you aren’t able to go to a beach, maybe you can set up a treasure hunt at home and bury some interesting items in a sandbox in the garden.

Walkie talkie

If you have multiple sons or nephews, walkie-talkies can be a great way for them to play together out in the garden. They’ll be able to go on secret missions and play hide and seek like never before. While children’s walkie-talkies don’t have the best range, they’ll be more than enough for boys who want to talk to each other from one side of the garden to the other. 

Rockpool net

Planning a trip to the beach in the near future? One of the best ways to get an adventurous boy to engage with your day out is by giving him a net to hunt for crabs in rockpools. Make sure you teach him that he needs to be responsible and release all the creatures he finds back into the water. It can also be a good idea to buy a guidebook so you can have a go at identifying the creatures you find together.

Garden tent

Some boys never want to come indoors, no matter the weather. You can help them stay safe and comfortable in the garden with a play tent. Not only will it shield them from the afternoon sun, but it will also keep them dry when it starts to rain. Boys will be able to use the tent as a base for their games and breathe in the fresh air all day long.

Trip to an outdoor adventure park

Guaranteed to be the best gift ever, adventurous boys love nothing more than actually going on an adventure. While this might not be the most conventional present, it will be an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. There are all kinds of adventure parks, from treetop climbs to water sports and camping retreats. Try to find out what kind of adventures your little boy is most interested in and book a trip accordingly. 

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