Best Day Ever

Thanks to everyone who entered our Best Day Ever contest to win tickets for the Canucks and Stars on October 11. The entry was simple, tell us about the best day you spent as a Dad or with your Dad.

The contest was inspired by the extra time I’ve been given to spend with Zacharie as I search for work. I’m constantly rewarded with little gifts from him that make each of our “Daddy Daycare” outings the best day ever. I hope the time you spent thinking about being a Dad or the time you spent with your Dad gave you a reward too.

Our winner, as selected by my wife Jennifer, is Sherry Ells.

There were so many great days spent with my best friend My Dad that so many come to mind.

One day will forever stand out in my mind though.

My Dad used to take my son to the Burnaby Museum and ride the train every week as he was my sitter while I worked.

They would go so often that they became good friends with the Engineer. 🙂
A couple of years later my dad was given 6 months to live due to colon cancer but fought hard and lived 2 years.

On his last day of being well enough to leave the hospital for an “outing” we of course went to ride the train at the Burnaby Museum. Dad and my 6 year old son rode it over and over and over for hours. Of course knowing the Engineer so well and knowing what this day meant to us, the Engineer put his Engineer hat on Shane (my son) and he and my Dad drove the train for the next hour and we all smiled the biggest smiles of our lives.

I will NEVER forget that day.

My Dad died 2 weeks later at the age of 59.

THAT’S what it’s about gang. Time together. Every second we share with our Dad or as Dads with our kids is the best second ever and a part of the best day ever.

Thanks for sharing, Sherry – enjoy the game!

There are more contests in the future for DadCAMP. Our next prize will be given away at DadCAMP 2. Details coming soon.


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