Some parenting lessons you don’t learn until it’s too late, like .. … your kids don’t need anything for Christmas.




Oh, sure, you want to make sure there is ripping of wrapping paper and squeals of glee on Christmas morning, but when you have kids that are under 2 or 3 you could, literally, take things already in their arsenal of playroom toys and wrap them up for them to open on Christmas day.

It’s not the toys they love, it’s the act or ripping wrapping paper and being “surprised” that there is something is inside.

Z Christmas

Yes, you don’t learn the lesson until it’s too late, but your very young kids just want to eat, poop, sleep, and play. Their wants and needs are pretty basic, and it’s we parents who turn the whole thing into an unreasonable race for the best.

Your baby will like the ribbon and wrapping paper better than anything you could ever buy them. I guarantee it.

BUT .. people still want to get something for the babes at Christmas. Friends, grandparents, etc want to spoil the center of the family universe, and they can – by donating to their RESP.

Seriously. You can open a group RESP for as little as $10 a month. The family can then donate whatever they would have spent on a toy, but just put a little note in a big wrapped up box for the toddler to rip apart.


The kids gets the joy of opening, the parents (and the child, eventually) get the gift of 15+ years of compounding interest and the chance to make something of themselves without the burden of debt looming over their shoulder.

Whether your child wants to be an actor, a hairstylist or an engineer, money from an RESP can help get them where they want to go and the sooner you start, the more they’ll have to get there.

An RESP donation is the, hands down, bullet proof, absolutely, no debate, best Christmas gift ever for infants and toddlers. It’s something that will grow as they grow and will give them more than the initial thought could have ever imagined.

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Edcuation Savings Week


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