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I don’t know what the problem people have with men and cargo shorts. They’re comfortable, they’re convenient, and they look great on a dad bod.

As Doyin Richards wrote for last summer, “it’s not about being cool, it’s about doing what works.” 95% of the 18 000 people who voted on a cargo short poll at the site said it’s okay to ‘keep ’em.’

Still, the attacks were long and hard during the Great Cargo Shorts War of 2016. BuzzFeed issued a scathing screed against the shorts claiming our “legs deserve better.” Is that what’s to blame for the cargo short experiencing a decline in sales?

Oops.. there I am, part of the 13% yelling at my kids.

via Joey DeVilla

But it’s not about the function of the cargo short that is the crime of fashion, it is the form.

I have a few pair of the heavy ones with very large pockets on the side. I’ve used them to carry snacks, diapers, phones, water bottles, and all sorts of things the prepared dad needs when out with the kids.

Cargo shorts are dead. Long live Cargo Shorts.

Cargo shorts work for me and I am an unapologetic cargo short lover.

BUT .. I’m also concerned about public opinion, so this summer I am rocking a stealth cargo short. The Denver Hayes driWear Waistband shorts from Mark’s combines all the function of cargo shorts with secret compartments everywhere you look. There is none of the overdone flappiness that seems to offend fashionistas.

These cargo shorts are flat, discreet, and just as appropriate at the golf course / casual office / fancy backyard bbq or the playground / play date / daycare / car pool routine.

The Denver Hayes driWear Waistband shorts from Mark’s come in black, grey, blue, or khaki and have 7 pockets, complete with zippers, but they lie flat with the cut of the shorts, so there’s no bulky flaps.

They are cargo shorts that don’t look like cargo shorts. They are stealth cargo shorts, and they’re the must-have this summer. Get them now at Mark’s.

This post is sponsored by Mark’s

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