Our Elf On The Shelf Arrived

[twitter]And so it begins. We put the Christmas tree up this weekend, and with it the bright star at the top that acts as a beacon for our Elf on the Shelf, George.

The snark is cranking up big time in the social sphere with Elf Haters begrudging the Pinterest perfect antics so many people feel compelled to create with their elves.

Then there’s the angle of people thinking it’s pathetic to have ‘spies’ in your house and to wield the threat of Santa in an effort to control your kids and keep them in line.

We do nothing of the sort. Christmas is just a magical season of believing in the impossible. I love that my 7 yr old explains to my 4 yr old how the Elf gets in an out of the house as matter of factly as he explains his math homework. The impossible is possible when you’re a child, and after seeing the boys bound down to the basement this morning to tell me our George had arrived, made it all worth it.

If you think the Elf on the Shelf should be doing yoga with the dolls, playing poker with LEGO minifigs, or stealing daddy’s beer, fine – have at ‘er. I don’t play that game. I just introduce another little piece of magic to coddle that belief in the impossible for as long as I can. That’s why this week I’m gearing up to create some videos from Santa Claus on the Portable North Pole app.

The day will come, soon enough when reality and cynicism will settle in my sons’ souls. In the meantime, belief in magic will rule the day (as long as I remember to move that damn elf each night)!

Merry Christmas.

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