It’s hard not to compare our kids to others. Heck, as my boys plow through school one having an easier time than the other, it’s hard for me to not compare them to each other.

I always tell my kids their report cards will be judged on the effort they put in, not necessarily the results they bring home. I want them to put their all into their school work, I want them to try hard and always be the best version of themselves possible.

Often times that means showing empathy, being kind, and being supportive of friends. It’s not always easy to not compare what you have and what you can do with what others have and can do, but we just need to be ourselves.

I saw this photo of a school wall floating around Facebook recently and this poem sums up perfectly everything your kids need to know about life.

Some kids are smarter than you

Some kids have cooler clothes than you

Some kids are better at sports than you

It doesn’t matter

You have your thing too

Be the kid who can get along

Be the kid who is generous

Be the kid who is happy for other people

Be the kid who does the right thing

Be the nice kid.

The quote is actually from a commencement-like address given to his students by Bryan Skavnak, a golf teacher and author of Happy Golf Starts Here. You can read the rest of his story here.

He also has a site with merchandise and more uplifting ideas at

h/t to Luke Fevin for sharing the photo on Facebook.


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