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[twitter]Zacharie is in Disneyland with his grandparents this week. Charlie has stayed here with us. We’re back to having one kid.

I have said that one is sooo easy. I have said that I wished I had just one kid still. It may be true, but when you roll back the clock and find yourself with just one for whatever reason (camp, trip, sports) there is something missing.

Yes, the house is quieter, and I’m not splitting up fights. One kid fits in the bath easier than two, but the house feels somewhat empty (and that’s not because Zacharie is my ‘favorite.’).

At the dinner table, instead of breaking up arguments, encouraging kids to eat, and constantly being interrupted, Jen and I have had a chance to talk – at the expense of Charlie. When it is 4 of us, it is a family dinner, when it is just the 3 of us, it becomes so much easier to have adult conversation and Charlie fades into the background. I have to snap out of it and remember to engage him in the conversation as Jen and I catch up on our days.

While Jen was working late last night, I took the change to get out of the house with Charlie (of course). It was fun to have a one-on-one date night with Charlie at the Lego Store last night, but when Zacharie called us on Face Time while we were at the store (I love living in the future), the chaos returned as he reminded Charlie and me that the Batman Lego set Charlie was getting as a treat was going to be his to play with too. (Spoiled much, there Mr Z?)

For a moment, the negotiations necessary when dealing with 2 kids was back in my life. Then Z disappeared to go swim in the pool, or have beers with Goofy, or whatever, and it was back to me and The Chooch.

I think it was this sort of one-on-one time that makes me think Zacharie is my favorite. When Z was younger, my Not At Home Dad time was one-on-one with him on trips to the airport, and hikes. Charlie and I have never really had that sort of adventure time, so it was great to get out of the house with him, and then come home and have some Lego time on the kitchen table, just the two of us.

While it’s been wonderful to have just the Chooch in our house, and the quiet is a welcome relief, I need to have both of my boys in my life.

I can’t wait to have the chaos back on Saturday.dadcamp fire

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