Banff SnowDays

[twitter]The mountains are calling.

After an escape to the sunny beaches of Bermuda, I’m heading to the mountains. With Jennifer out of town on a work trip, I can’t just kick around town with the boys. They have pro-d days, I took days off to be with them, and my not-at-home-dad instincts are kicking in.

These are the same instincts that have me escaping every weekend in the summer to Johnston Canyon, Waterton Lakes, or the Canadian Badlands. I can’t sit around the house with the boys, I need to get out and, this week, it is the mountains that are calling.

Banff SnowDays

Banff SnowDays have been rolling for the past few weeks with all-star curling, the Ice Magic Festival, and all sorts of wintry fun. So now it’s our turn to head out for some tubing, skating, winter hiking, and hot spring relaxing.

We’re out from Thursday to Saturday and will be doing unofficial SnowDays activities like skating and tobogganing at the Banff Springs, dipping in the upper hot springs, tubing and skiing at Mount Norquay, and digging in to cheesy fondue goodness at The Grizzly House in Banff.

Banff SnowDays

We’ll also be checking out the official Banff SnowDays schedule.If it was me and my wife, not me and the boys, we’d be at the Banff Big Taste on January 29. Seven of Banff’s best chefs serving up their signature dishes.

On Friday, January 30, the MEC Ice Climbing Festival will be taking place in the Banff Square. After an icy hike of our own out to Johnston Canyon, the boys will love watching the climbers get after it on the ice. Charlie will be especially thrilled now that he’s a bona fide climber.

Saturday, January 31, will include a visit to Lake Louise where we will skate on Canada’s biggest hockey rink, and then try our hand at snowshoeing.

Banff SnowDays

I can’t wait. While I get out in the summer, I don’t make the mountain escapes often enough. I’d do it if I had a place to store that gear for the road. I now get why I see so many trucks in Calgary. Toss in your skis or bikes, and go. Throw in your fishing rods, your kayak, and go. Toss in a SUP board and go. Could something like a 2015 Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Truck be in my future? There’s a chance. I’m a not-at-home-dad that likes escaping the city with my boys, and as they get older and their toys get bigger, it just might need to happen.

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