[twitter]From a very young age, Zacharie and Charlie have been in the kitchen. Hoisted up on counters to stir batter and lick the icing spoons.

From scones to cakes to brownies to cookies, my boys like to bake. And I love it.

Zacharie started when he was about 2, helping us make pumpkin pie

and helping his Nan make scones.

Zacharie and Nan making scones January 2010_012

One of Charlie’s favorite things to bake is banana bread.

2013-11-02 charlie banana bread - 17

They’re so good at it, that when my grandfather came to visit, Zacharie had memorized his favorite brownie recipe by heart.

Being a part of the Life Made Delicious program has brought many easy to bake boxes into our kitchen, and much photo bombing.

2014-09 Boys Baking Cupcakes - 1

Lick the spoon.

2014-09 Boys Baking Cupcakes - 3

And then lick the bowl.

2014-12 Christmas baking - 03

Strict measuring is required. What a fun way to learn math.

Charlie Birthday Pokemon Cupcakes and Cookies 2015-01 - 32

Charlie took it straight from the tube when he was decorating these Valentine cookies.

Mama said put the mixer on one. “There’s a number 1 in the number 10, mama.”

Charlie baking

Dessert is better when you bake it yourself.


Waiting is the hardest part.


Kids belong in the kitchen. They really do. While it hasn’t helped us have them eat a wider variety of food (they only seem to come into the kitchen when it’s time to bake), it has helped in their creativity and self-confidence that they can make food.

Disclosure: I am a paid brand ambassador for Life Made Delicious.

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