Zacharie and Charlie are back in school

[twitter]Am I the only one that stares deeply at my kids as they sleep, eat, play, watch tv, whatever and start daydreaming about what they’ll be, what they’ll accomplish, how their someday story goes?

I’m not good for surprises, I would always snoop for Christmas presents, and I can’t keep a secret. So I really want to know what’s up for these two.

And as much as I want to know, I have no idea. No clue. Zacharie is in dance and soccer and swimming, Charlie the same but swap art for dance. They both love animals, Charlie is more in tune with playing and amusing himself while Z has inherited his dad’s impatience. Where will that lead them? I wish I knew.

Today, it’s another first day of school. Another step closer to their someday.

Zacharie enters Grade 3 with an excitement to make new friends and a fear there will be too many times tables in his future. I’m worried about his literacy, but thrilled with his level of try and commitment. I’ve stressed to him again that it’s not the results that matter, it’s the try.

Charlie starts Grade 1, the year with your own desk and no more sharing of coloured pencils with the class. He’s eager to learn, this one. He loves drawing, singing, playing, and just getting on with it. He’s going to be younger than everyone (again), but will likely be leading the pack with desire to learn.

I know my boys are headed in a direction that will bring results, but which results? Will they be ninja firemen? Superhero veterinarians? Shoe designers? YouTube stars?

The road is long, and we’ve only just taken the first few steps.

Long Road Charlie and Zacharie

Grade 3 and Grade 1 means there’s still more than a decade of ‘first day of school’ photos to come for us, but we’ve been planning for the road beyond since the day we found out we were pregnant.

We opened an RESP for Zacharie right at the start of this parenting journey. When Charlie was due, we added him to the account. Whether they go to law school, aeronautics, engineering, art and design, chef training, or a general arts degree, getting things ready for their someday is important.

When birthdays roll around, extended family deposit gifts in their RESP account and we have regularly monthly contributions going to their future. The boys may only be in Grade 3 and Grade 1, but we already have enough saved to get them t0 their next first step, whatever they choose.

And boy I wish I knew what they would choose.

What about you? Are you saving in an RESP?

Here’s what you need to know about RBC RESPs

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TRESP growth graphhey’re flexible if your child doesn’t pursue postsecondary. You can transfer the balance to another child, or to your RRSP.

You get to decide how much and how often you want to contribute — with available frequencies ranging from weekly to annually.

There is a big pot of free money available from the government as they will match 20% of your contributions up to a maximum of $500 per year or $7200 over 18 years.

Even small contributions add up quickly with an RESP-Matic: Set up regular contributions and see your savings add up! $25/week can add up to $50,911 in 18 years.

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Disclosure: I am part of the RBC Someday Campaign with Influence Central. This branded content appears in exchange for a donation to Team Diabetes. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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