I have more hoodies in my closet than suits.

I work in radio, it’s a casual work environment. Check that, it’s a very casual work environment. If I put on a dress shirt people in the halls will sarcastically drop a “ooooh, who has a job interview today?” as I walk by.


Casual at work is fine. I’m in a room by myself all day, so t-shirts, hoodies, sports jerseys, and jeans are staples of my wardrobe.

But then I have to pick up my kids from school. And that’s where I feel a little uncomfortable, around the other parents and their fancy suits, shoes, purses, and sunglasses.

Now that we’re back to school, I’m running into them each day again and I’ve vowed this year will have a different look – and I’ve got an extra excuse. After dropping 20 lbs training for Team Diabetes runs this summer, I need some more medium shirts and fewer large ones. ūüėČ

So I went to Mark’s to up my wardrobe game. ¬†There are classic never-iron dress shirts, tons of denim, and aisles of shoes. There’s sweaters, polos, and more.

Sure, there’s a huge selection for people who really “work” for a living, but even for someone who sits in a room listening to music all day, I can easily find some clothes to freshen up my fall wardrobe and fit in with the professionals.

Marks Shopping

I’ve learned my lesson well about mixing colour palettes in my closet. When you have many different colours, patterns, and styles, you can’t mix and match and still look classy. You might think greys, blacks, and whites are boring, I call them simple to put together and always looking good.

Have a look at how these looks from Mark’s fit with an everyday dad lifestyle while I shoot my best Blue Steel:

I could have sworn¬†garbage day was tomorrow. Then I heard the truck rumbling down the street and … got to the curb with the compost 2 minutes too¬†late. I may be disgusted, but I look good.

Early for the garbage

DadCAMP is wearing Denver Hayes Never-Iron Classic fit dress shirt ($29.98), Denver Hayes Flextech Bootcut Denim ($69.99), Denver Hayes Prague Shoes ($34.99), Dakota Embossed Keeper Belt ($23.99).

Yes, I’m late for after school pickup. But guess who is even later?


Boys! Where are you?


DadCAMP is wearing Denver Hayes Never-Iron Mini Herringbone dress shirt ($64.99), Levi’s 541 jeans ($84.99), Skechers Expected Avillo Shoes ($89.99), Dakota Embossed Keeper Belt ($23.99).

All is not chores and running around when you’re a dad. There’s also horseplay to be had to burn off all that steam so it doesn’t come out my ears.

I am, after all, their father…..¬†

light sabers

DadCAMP is wearing Denver Hayes Everyday Oxford Polo ($39.99), Levi’s 504 demin ($79.99), Helly Hansen Carrick sneakers ($49.88).

And after a day filled with garbage cans, carpool lanes, and horsing around, it’s time to settle in for a bbq. Even when it’s cold out, I will bbq. So bundle up.


DadCAMP is wearing Denver Hayes All Over Strip Cotton Sweater ($54.99), Levi’s 504 demin ($79.99).

I still have more hoodies than suits, but after a visit to¬†Mark’s¬†I can mix in some stylish demin, comfy sweaters, proper dress shirts, and great new shoes into my daily style. Now I can blend in with the crowd¬†during parent-teacher interview time.


Mark’s is making it easier than ever for Canadians to find the perfect outfit for every occasion.¬†The increased casual wear and jeans collection provides Canadian men with trendy clothing¬†while offering the quality and comfort Mark’s¬†is known for. And the good news for all those shy¬†guys ‚Äď it‚Äôs all housed in one store!

You don’t need to be an expert to put together a fashionable, polished-looking outfit. You just need to pair a few key items together, and you can look trendy in no time.

When it comes to jeans,¬†Mark’s¬†always delivers. Big time. With one of the largest jean selections in Canada (featuring brand favourites like Levi‚Äôs,¬†Buffalo, Silver and DH3),¬†Mark’s¬†makes looking good easier than ever.¬†But don‚Äôt take my word for it. Get to a store and see for yourself.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Mark’s.

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