Your kid needs a backpack, tote bag or duffel bag as versatile as they are. Working up a sweat one minute and sitting down to ace an exam the next, they’ll need something that does more than carry books around.

Ask yourself what kinds of things your child needs to pack when selecting the right bag: books, laptop, tablet, shoes, food, water bottle, gym clothes, and after-school outfit?


Insulated Compartment

o Perfect for keeping food or a drink at the perfect temp without the risk of spills.

Dakine Campus 33l
Dakine Campus 33l

Device/Laptop Pouches

o Many backpacks and bags come equipped with specially padded storage areas designed to protect full-sized laptops during travel, along with fleece-lined pouches for smaller devices like a tablet or smart phone.

Ogio Tribune 40L Backpack
Ogio Tribune 40L

Quick-reach Netting

o For fast access to special items, sportier backpacks are designed with flexible mesh

adidas Estadio Team Backpack II
adidas Estadio Team Backpack II

Breathable Backs & Straps

o Even after hours of wear it’s possible to keep your back dry and cool with breathable, compartments designed with ventilation for getting rid of odor-causing bacteria.

Nike Vapor Power
Nike Vapor Power

Sport Gear Storage

o Keep post-workout gear separate from school books and clothes using special netting outside the bag to hold gear like a water bottle, hat or even a skateboard in place. sweat-wicking material built into the back padding and shoulder straps of the bag.

Nike Vapor Power
Nike Vapor Power


o For younger kids who don’t have the bodies to take the strain of lugging backpacks, or for those with lots of homework, a wheeled pack offers the option to carry or roll. It’s very handy to take on vacations too.

Osprey Ozone
Osprey Ozone

With Sport Chek’s huge collection of school bags, find your kid a bag that will help take care of everything they carry with them.

Disclosure: Sport Chek is a brand partner of DadCAMP

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