Baby Name Suggestions For Kimye, J Simp, And Kate

baby names list 2013[twitter]My little sister is pregnant.

She’s gone all Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, and Kate and done the trendy thing of having a baby in 2013.

It’s exciting news for us, as the baby of our family will be the last one to offer grandchildren to my parents, and everyone is nothing but thrilled.

As we go around our house looking for hand-me-downs that we no longer need as our boys grow, I discovered something unique to give her after her announcement – my unused baby names.

I didn’t formally announce “dibs” in my circle of friends and family when my wife was pregnant with each of our boys, but the discussion of names comes up and you know that whomever brings it up in discussion first gets it.

After the birth of our second, I quickly saw the scissor doc and got snipped. There will be no Tori Spelling surprises here, and I loved being able to release our unused baby names to my sister (and Kim, and Jessica, and Kate) with hopes she might choose one and welcome a little person with one of our favorite names to the world.

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