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[twitter]When I started DadCAMP in September of 2009, I thought I was on the leading edge of a new niche – Daddy Blogging. I was out of work, and seeing the headlines (and income) that the likes of Dooce were making writing stories about their kids, I thought I could toss my hat in that ring.

DadCAMP was created as a place for Dads to share their stories about raising their kids, offer support, and, ultimately – meet up. The online community is very fond of “Camps” – unconferences where people gather to learn on a specific topic, whether it be WordPress, how to launch a new company, or cupcakes.

DadCAMP is a place for Dads to grow real life relationships with other Dads. Relationships and community has grown from this site, and this weekend the community is about to get bigger – much bigger.

2 weeks ago I signed on as a blogger for Disney‘s I’ll be contributing to Kid Scoop, a place currently populated just by moms. While Babble has a very successful Dadding arm for Daddy Bloggers, I’ll be wading into the shark(women) infested waters alone.

Thankfully for the past year DadCAMP has been supplying content to The Yummy Mummy Club, so I’ve got some estrogen experience.

The Babble gig is demanding. No fewer than 5 entries a week need to be posted, and traffic goals are assigned to each writer. So original material here may fade for a while, the content here will become summaries of Babble material, with a renewed focus on creating that community that DadCAMP was originally built on.

This site is still a place for Dads to get together and share parenting stories, and forge real-life relationships for parenting support.

Join me in showing the women that Dads are parents too, and Babble on.

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  1. Nik March 30, 2012 at 10:30 am

    Félicitations! Fingers crossed that inspiration for 5+/wk flows easily from your fingertips. Disney looks damn good on the résumé!

  2. JP Holecka March 30, 2012 at 2:46 pm

    Good luck amigo!

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