Zacharie in an airport

[twitter]”Zacharie, you forgot your coat,” the man called to my son as we gathered our things and headed to the gate to catch our flight home. We had been playing in a kids’ zone at the airport, and Zacharie had left his jacket behind in an apparatus.

He rushed back to get it, while I waved to the man and said thanks.

“Wait a second!,” I thought. “How did he know my son’s name?” And then it hit me. Zacharie’s favorite Christmas gift was a Wild Kratt‘s t-shirt with his name emblazoned in big letters on the back. Of course he knew my kid’s name, he was wearing a huge name tag.

And then my mind started to wander. How this very kind man, doing a very neighbourly thing by helping us collect our belongings, could have just as easily collected my child. He knew his name and that’s all he would have needed to get an “in.”

A parent’s mind will wander. It will wander places it shouldn’t. Consumed by fear and keeping our kids safe, we are prone to irrational fears. It’s just how it is.


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