[twitter]Autumn leaves, and winter follows.

Before Halloween rolls around this weekend, autumn will leave Calgary, the snow will fall and the brightness of a season will disappear.

The trees are nearly bare, their skeleton costumes of empty branches ready for the tricking and treating.

Fall is my favorite. The sun is warm, the air is brisk, the colours are bright. Unfortunately, it is far too fleeting. Autumn leaves, and winter follows.

This week, however, autumn was here in full breadth. We raked the leaves from our lone backyard tree, we piled them, we jumped, we threw, then we raked and piled again.

Some of my favorite pictures of the boys have been as autumn leaves – I just wish it wouldn’t.

Pumpkin Hat 2007

Stanley Park - Zacharie - 2008

Lynn Creek Leaves 2008

Baker Park

october 2013

stanley park 2013

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