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Buzz Bishop is a Dad. Broadcaster. Writer from Calgary, Alberta. He is married to Jennifer and has 2 sons. Zacharie was born in 2007 and Charles in 2010.

What Is The Switch Witch?

The Switch Witch is yet another modern pinteresty addition to our seasonal celebrations. This one, unlike many others, is not annoying.. it’s genius!

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Charlie And The C Of Red

Charlie is a big fan of the Calgary Flames’ C of Red. He thinks it’s all about him, the Big C for Charlie. This week has been about getting his C on.

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What’s It Like To Have Type 1 Diabetes At School?

What’s it like to have diabetes at school? With so many schools ill equipped or unwilling to support diabetic kids, it can be a nightmare. It shouldn’t be. Diabetes is manageable when kids have support. So why aren’t we offering them the same support children with allergies receive?

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Zacharie And Charlie Set To Take A #JourneyToMars

NASA is planning a voyage to Mars and you can send your name to Mars as part of the journey. The Orion program starts with a test launch on December 4 and my boys’ names will be on board. Here’s how you can send your name to Mars on future missions.

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