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30 Second Asthma Test Spring is a common time to have wheezing and trouble breathing, the buds are bursting, the world is coming back to life, and there are all sorts of things in the air.

Allergies are common this time of year, and your wheezing might be due to that, or it might be the return of asthma symptoms. Asthma is a condition that waxes and wanes throughout your life. You may have had symptoms as a child, they disappear for a few years, and then come back as an adult.

What you think may be a bout of seasonal allergies, could in fact, be asthma. Asthmatics tend to overestimate the level of asthma control that they experience and downplay the level of their symptoms. In a recent study, 92% of asthma sufferers believed their asthma was controlled, but in reality 46% did not meet experts’ standards for asthma control.

People with asthma may hesitate to seek help from their healthcare professionals as they often tend to accept these bothersome symptoms as a part of aging or other conditions and may not be aware that poor asthma control can be modified.

There is an easy 30 Second Asthma Test to help asthma sufferers evaluate how well they are controlling their asthma symptoms and to help start a conversation with their doctors about asthma relief. The Asthma test is geared towards adults (18+) Here are some of the questions you’ll be asked:

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Nothing complicated, just a way to link common symptoms together to see if your asthma is being properly controlled.

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