Captain America Civil WarZacharie has been asking for weeks to see Civil War. I hesitated. I’m not one for the big popcorn tentpole movies of the summer. You know, the ones that are more action than plot and often have mega marketing tie ins everywhere?

Okay, wait, I’ll see the goofy cartoon comedy with my kids, but I’ve skipped the Marvel types the past few years.

No longer.

With Zacharie turning 9 in a few weeks, and having devoured the action of the Star Wars saga for the past few years, we figured he could be ready. A lot of his friends see ALL the big movies that come out. Likely from older brothers and access to video games, they have no problem handling all the action, violence, and language.

I’ve held the reins tight when it comes to guns and violence (okay, except for Star Wars, but I see a sense of spirituality and goodness through that storyline that I don’t see in, say, the Transformers series) in the household entertainment. We don’t have a gaming console, I skip the big movies.

Yes, part of the reason is because I’m not a fan. I wasn’t a big comic book kid growing up. I don’t know the canon of Marvel vs DC. I don’t get why people get so worked up about the Avengers.

But my son really wanted to see Civil War. So we went. We left Charlie at home, he still has a hard time with intense shows (he’s only 6, after all), and Zacharie and I had a date night. We went and saw that big movie all his friends with big brothers will see on the opening weekend.

I enjoyed it despite not having a clue what Don Cheadle’s superhero’s name was, why this Vision guy was hanging around and who Wanda was.

“Is Tony Stark dead, daddy? Did Captain America kill Iron Man? Is he dead? Is he dead?” Zacharie must have asked me a dozen more times in the quiet after the movie’s climax. He was sucked in.

Afterwards, when we picked up some groceries for the week ahead, I could sense a bounce and spring in his step that wasn’t there before. “When I was a kid,” I told him, “I feel like the super hero when the movie is over.” (I neglected to go into a big explanation of how I thought I was the Karate Kid for weeks after watching the movie). “Do you feel like that?”

“I feel like I’m Spider-Man, daddy,” he said, dodging imaginary obstacles, shooting out his hands to grab imaginary webs.

I’m not a fan of comic book superhero movies, but my son is. And I love it.

SEE IT OR SKIP IT? See it. It’s long at 2 and a half hours, so make sure your kids are able to sit for that long. There are 3 ‘curse’ words in the film, bullshit, son of a bitch, and shit. Lots of weapons. 8 or older should be fine, or younger kids that have experience with this kind of superhero action.

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