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[twitter]I hate tvs in minivans.

If you have pimped your ride with that stuff all up in the headrest, you’re doing it wrong. Plainly, you’ve paid too much and you’re teaching your kids that car rides are when we get to watch tv. By going with iPads or iPods for your kids instead of the built in gear, you can bring it in and out only for the long rides, and each kid can have a personalized experience on the road.

That doesn’t mean they get it all the time. Last weekend, after backseat whining over screen positioning to see the one iPad that had The LEGO Movie on it, I took both iPads. I warned them of a 10 minute tech time out, and the next thing I knew an hour of car karaoke, I Spy, and just telling stories had gone by. (Reminder: Taylor Swift still claims she’s never ever ever getting back together with that guy. I’ve had the song in my head all week since)

If you’re hitting the road this summer with the kids, here are some ways to fill the gaps on the long road and calm the troops in the back seat:

Bracketron Universal Tablet Headrest Mount – $39.95
If you do want the built-in feel without paying the extra to have them pre-installed, you can pick up this headrest mount to have it hang off the back of the seats and seen by all in the backseat.

iLuv Splitter Adapter – $9
This is my favorite for the plane, and it works in the car too. If everyone is watching the same movie in the car, this Y cable splits the audio for all to enjoy – in peace.

Backseat Tech For Summer Road Trips

Kinivo BTH240 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – $25
OK – so now your car is full of wires!!!!  So let’s go wireless for a second.  Help your teens cut the chord with these foldable Bluetooth headphones.  They easily pair with any device, giving your kids some freedom to move around the car without getting their wires crossed.

Neptor NP056K Dual Port Portable Battery Charger – $49.99
If you’re dropping tech into the back seat to calm the kids, you’ve got to have enough juice to cross the country. While many tablets will now last the entire day, if you forget to plug it in at night, you’re sunk. This dual-port battery charger makes sure your trip is stress free and fully powered! Bonus: it charges two devices at once!

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