April Fool’s Day is a perfect time for playing practical jokes on your kids. Yes, it’s just two weeks after the leprechauns went wild around the house making a mess, and we’re just a few months out from the Elf on the Shelf wreaking havoc, but now it’s time for YOU to be the star.

Looking for easy, simple, fun April Fool’s pranks for kids? Check out these great ideas to play on (or with) them:

Frozen Cheerios

The night before, pour the kids cereal in a bowl with milk, and then put it in the freezer! The boys use the small plastic Ikea  bowls for breakfast, so they were easy to freeze without worrying they might break.

It was an easy April Fool’s prank that didn’t bring all the laughs, but was still cute for a groan and smile.

Spilled Jello Juice

While you’re putting the cereal in the freezer, make up a batch of Jell-O in their drinking cups. Put in a straw before you pop it in the fridge overnight and then, just as you bring the tray of breakfast to the table .. spill it! Or not.

Easy April Fools Pranks To Play On Kids
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Grow Your Own Donuts

Beau Coffron, Lunchbox Dad, went past the usual rule of ending April Fools pranks at noon, by stringing his kids along all day. Here’s how you can convince your kids you can grown your own donuts:

What a fun and delicious April Fools prank for kids! What prank will you pull?

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