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I admit it, I’m having a struggle getting Zacharie to read. When he applies himself, he can get through it. It’s just convincing him that he can get through his struggles. I often lose patience.

So I’m trying to find anything that offers a hint of success to get Zacharie over the hump.

i Read With is an interactive reading app featuring Caillou. I’ve been using it with both boys. Charlie loves the interactive part of the book, touching the window or the light. I can read the book to him in English, and talk to him about what’s happening.

For Zacharie, who is learning to read in both languages, it’s a chance to have the same story in French and English. A simple click and this one app is now a book in two languages.

When reading to your kids, it’s important to not just read the words on the page, but have conversations about the themes of the story, things in the pictures and more to work on vocabulary and comprehension. The i Read With apps have prompts at the bottom of each page to give you some questions ideas and help you get the conversation started.

It’s called “shared reading” and it’s the result of research from McGill University.

“Shared-reading is an ideal context for learning especially when parent and child talk together about the story. We see that parents and children take their time with iRead With books – enjoying the animations and engaging in rich conversations that support language and literacy learning” explains  Dr. Susan Rvachew, head of the University’s Child Phonology Lab.

Another fun feature let’s you record sounds for various words throughout the story so a parent or child can be a part of the book.

The material may be a little young for Zacharie (nearly 7), but the skills he’s learning when we read the book are exactly what he needs. For Charlie, this book is right in his wheelhouse and he is loving participating in the stories.


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