A Hannukah Miracle happened this week. With no press release or fanfare, a battle that was started 8 months ago came to an end. It just .. ended.

Amazon Mom is now Amazon Family.

Amazon Mom is now Amazon Family
Image by Chris at Daddy Doctrines

Single moms, single dads, gay dads, grandparents, divorced families, blended families, aunts, uncles all use Amazon’s pages branded for childcare needs. Around the world it was called Amazon Family, except in the US, where it was called Amazon Mom – until today.

Words matter. Branding matters. Branding is what leads public opinion. It lets the middle of the mainstream know “it’s okay, this change is okay.”

Amazon Family instead of Amazon Mom accepts that family care is more than mom’s job. It accepts that dads participate, that family is important, and that families come in many denominations.

My friends in the dad blogging community took up the Amazon Family charge in March in memory of our friend, Oren Miller. He brought the issue to light in 2013. When he passed away this spring, we reignited his plea. We had thousands of tweets, dozens of media stories, and no response from Amazon. They went radio silent. Not one word of a reply to any of the media, to any of the bloggers was given. Not even a ‘no comment.’

Then, quietly, without warning, without fanfare, things changed. The Amazon Mom domain forwarded to Amazon Family. A Hannukah Miracle had happened. And it’s perfect.

Amazon Family

Thanks, Amazon. For doing this for Oren. For doing this for families. It’s such a small gesture, but it means so much.


See also this post by Chris at Daddy Doctrines. He really led the charge to get this change happen by making graphics, organizing the campaign, and acting as spokesperson.

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