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My son’s soccer league doesn’t show a difference of more than 1 on the scoreboard. 3-1 shows as 2-1, 5-0 shows as 1-0. The board has read 1-0 a lot this year. Unless you read the game sheet you wouldn’t know what the real score in the game was. I read the game sheet this week because I lost count during the game. 17-0 for them, it said.

The Saturday game sheets hurt, they really hurt. But they don’t hurt as much as Wednesday mornings. On Wednesday mornings I can’t get out of bed as easily as I once did. I lean on the railing harder when I move down the stairs, I groan when I get in and out of my car.

It only happens on Wednesdays because that’s the day after I coach Zacharie’s U10 soccer practices.

I haven’t played soccer in 30+ yrs and my legs, body, and back remind me of that each week. From hip flexors, to hamstrings, to my lower back, all of it hurts every Wednesday.

I’m an active coach. I do the drills with the kids, encouraging them to beat me. If they do, I do pushups or laps while they laugh.

Soccer Practice Pains

If they only knew about Wednesday mornings.

Last week’s drills were particularly painful. We worked on shooting. The kids just kind of push it to the net when they have a chance, they don’t take a swinging kick. So there I was, going down the line, showing kids how to make the motion. And then I decided to show off by potting balls from across half into a small net.

I had to take 3 steps, plant my leg, and make a big swinging kick. 3 attempts in, and I knew I was in trouble. That muscle I hadn’t moved in 30 yrs was screaming.

ALEVE® recently asked me what I would do with 12 pain free hours, and I immediately thought of Wednesday mornings. With just one pill, ALEVE® offers up to 12 hours of relief from daily pain.

12 hours pain free would include more soccer kicking, more running after the kids, and less worrying about what’s going to happen during the game on the weekend.

12 hours pain free means being a more involved coach and parent, it means my brain telling me I can keep up with 8 and 9 yr olds has an advantage over my body that shows it can’t.

12 hours pain free would mean maybe getting our first win of the season.

The most painful part about coaching my son’s soccer team isn’t the cumulative 67-4 score we’ve lost by in the first 5 games, it’s Wednesday mornings. I just wish I could put ALEVE® in at striker. We could use 12 hours of impact on the pitch.

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