Achievement Unlocked: First Tooth Fairy Visit

It finally happened this weekend. After a few days of wiggling, Zacharie lost his first tooth at the Calgary Stampede in the middle of a hot dog.

He had been so eagerly anticipating this moment. Friends had lost multiple teeth already and he was wondering when his “big boy moment” would be coming. He carried a plastic glitter tooth with him everywhere he went “just in case” his tooth fell out. Good thing he brought it to the Stampede!

His adrenaline was peaking after that. He spent the rest of the day running around absolutely thrilled. He spontaneously breakdance, and would tell anyone who smiled at him what just happened.

Last night, he ran down The Tooth Fairy Rules for me, and then tucked his tooth beside his bed in anticipation of a Tooth Fairy visit and trade. He got his $2 coin, and again was absolutely over the moon.

Achievement unlocked.dadcamp fire

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  1. Darrell Milton July 18, 2013 at 8:52 pm

    Oh Buzz, it was something I thought I would dread about being a parent and haven’t faced it yet but seeing that our eldest loves Rise of the Guardians so much he actually asked me the other day “Daddy, when will I start losing teeth so the Tooth Fairy can visit me?”

    Seriously dude, I remember the pain of some of them… Hold on to your baby teeth mate…

    (Of course I didn’t tell him THAT)

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