Charlie Writes His Name

[twitter]When a few kids passed around Christmas cards at Charlie‘s school my wife and I gasped a little. There were kids in his pre-kindergarten class who could fully sign their names. And they were legible.

Of course these kids fit a couple of stereotypes: they were much older, and they were girls. I don’t know what it is about the gender thing, but whenever we’ve seen classwork from the entire group, the penmanship of girls seems to come much faster than that for the boys.

The age thing was a given. Charlie has been invited to a birthday party next month for a 5 year old in his class, our Chooch just turned 4 this month. The redshirting prevails at printing in pre-K it seems.

Nonetheless, our Charlie parades on with his doodles and scribbles and, today, for the first time, wrote his name.

The teachers put name plates above some art work with the idea of the kids copying the letters and applying their autograph to the masterpiece. This was the result.

Charlie Signs His Name

Damn fine work, Charlie. So proud.

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