[twitter]My sons’ summer has been filled with fun. As a matter of fact, it’s probably been filled with too much fun. I had started it with the best of intentions of having them spending an hour or so each morning on worksheets and reading to keep up on their skills and to avoid the summer slide, but .. frankly, that idea slid out pretty quickly.

They did manage to get some time in a reading camp and a math camp at the library for a couple of weeks, but apart from that it has been camping, adventuring, skateboarding, bike riding, and more.

When I think back to the summer of 2015 in a few years, many of the adventures will slip my mind. The Calgary Stampede, the camping trips, the ice cream treats, and more will just become part of a collective of summer memories.

But a few highlights from this summer will rise to the top and will be remember. This summer, was a summer of firsts.

It was the first time Charlie really and truly rode a bike with no training wheels.

charlie rides bike

It was the first time Charlie paddled a boat.

charlie boat

It was the first time Zacharie went off a rope swing into a river.

zacharie rope swing

It was the first time Zacharie jumped off a diving board.

zacharie diving board

This summer, I took thousands of photos and drove thousands of miles from Jasper to Idaho, from Invermere to Writing-on-Stone. We went on long weekend camping trips we went on many spontaneous explorations through our city. We swam in creeks and fountains, climbed mountains and rock climbing walls, watched movies and musicians.

You get 18 summers with your kids, this was number 9 for Zacharie, and number 6 for Charlie. And we made it count. How about you?

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