A Parenting Lesson From Caine’s Arcade: The Fun Pass Is A Great Deal

Filmmaker Nirvan Mullick plays at Caine's Arcade

[twitter]Much has been written about Caine’s Arcade this week.

The video is the story of one boy who spent a summer building a penny arcade out of cardboard and packing tape. He would sit in front of his arcade each day waiting for customers, constantly refining his setup. No customers came until filmmaker Nirvan Mullick needed a part for his car. He saw Caine’s arcade and bought a FunPass. At 500 plays of the cardboard arcade for $2, it was a great deal.

Much has been written about how Mullick’s simple 10 minute movie has turned into a college fund of more than $100 000 for Caine. Much has been written about a community can rally around a cause and make a difference in a matter of minutes. Much has been written about the impact of social media to make a difference.

But I see something different when I watch Caine’s Arcade.

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