Day Out With Thomas At Heritage Park

The annual visit from Thomas the Tank Engine to Heritage Park has become a family tradition for us. The boys, at 5 and nearly 8, are beyond playing with all the Thomas toys that used to cover our basement floor, but they still love going to Heritage Park, and spending A Day Out With Thomas.

Heritage Park doesn’t officially open until the May long weekend, going to visit Thomas means you get to poke around the park on the Baby Eli Ferris Wheel, Bowness Carousel, Children’s Boat Swings, and horse-drawn wagon rides. Not to mention a chance to pop into the bakery for cheese buns and gingerbread cookies.

This year will be our 5th ride on the big blue train and the days in May have stretched from chilly, to warm with tshirts, to dumping snow. Ah, the prairies. Thankfully Charlie is old enough now to not get freaked out when we pose for the family photo.

A Day Out With Thomas At Heritage Park

Schedule for A Day Out With Thomas at Heritage Park 2015

You buy tickets to take a ride on Thomas every 40 minutes throughout the day on Saturday May 2, Sunday May 3, Saturday May 9, and Sunday May 10.

The weekend boarding sessions from Midnapore Station are at 9am, 940a, 1020a, 11a, 1140a, 1220p, 1p, 140p, 220p 3p 340p and 420p.

On Friday May 8, Thomas will leave Midnapore Station at 1230p, 110p, 150p 230p 310p, and 350p.

Note these ride times will sell out.

You don’t need to buy a ticket to ride Thomas when you attend A Day Out With Thomas, you can purchase a Heritage Park admission and still get up close for pictures, take part in the crafts and games, and wander the grounds.

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