The Story of Star Wars

This fall I broke out my old hockey card collection for my sons and discovered there was joy in hoarding. Well, I’ve found that joy again, this time unearthing a swath of Star Wars memorabilia and fan fiction in my basement.

I was doing some cleaning of a crawl space in our basement and found a couple of bins I have been dragging around between moves for the past 30 yrs. It was boxes of exercise books from elementary school. I had my Grade 5 project on Thailand, my Grade 7 music notes, my Grade 3 handwriting book, Grade 4 math problems, and more.

I have no idea why I kept it. It was fun to flip through for a few minutes, but I really didn’t know why I had the stuff saved. I can be a bit of a hoarder (like my parents and my wife), collecting things “just in case.” We have baby outfits saved, and old toys saved, just like my parents saved for me.

Still, I didn’t see the nostalgic value in a lot of these things as I enjoyed a trip back in time sorting it out. I had Zacharie try on my old Cub Scouts uniform.

Zacharie in my old cub scouts uniform

Okay, I kept that off to the side. I found my old hockey trophies and some Montreal Canadiens magazines autographed by Doug Jarvis and Guy Lafleur. I saved those.

And then I found some Star Wars items in my stash. One item not in the stash was the first vinyl record I ever owned, The Story of Star Wars. I got it when I was 7 and listened to it a lot.

A lot.

It’s an abridged version of the Star Wars story on a record. I never got to the point where I memorized movie dialogue (as colleagues of mine have), but I still listened to it a lot. And it must have had an impact. In my box of school and sports memories was a great collection of Star Wars memorabilia

There was 4 books of fan fiction. I was 9, so they’re terrible. Which makes them awesome.

Star Wars Fan Fiction

I’ve copied every page and word from my Star Wars fan fiction and posted them on my personal blog. They’re .. wow.

There was an Empire Strikes Back storybook featuring photos from the movie and the story of Empire in a very classic old school type writer font.



And then there was a copy of Tribute Magazine for Return of the Jedi. This is a free magazine that was available at movie theatres and I held on to it.


Tribute Magazine Return of the Jedi

Along with the behind-the-scenes movie information about Return of the Jedi, it’s fun to look at for the ads.

Vintage 1980s Ads

And the movie ads

Vintage Superman Movie ad

So being the true hoarder-ish that I am, I cleaned out only half of the bin. I had to keep the Star Wars stories and memories that I found.

The best part? I wonder what my boys will hold on to. At 6 and 8, they’re the same age my brother and I were when our imaginations became captured by Star Wars. What will they write? What will they draw? What will they save?

When Zacharie got his first big boy room, we decorated his walls with Star Wars decals, and this week Charlie got his first Star Wars poster.

Star Wars The Force Awakens poster

There really is joy in hoarding.

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