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Yes, Those Awesome LEGO Instructions From 1974 Are Real

The LEGO instructions from 1974 are real. They’re authentic. They’re awesome. They’re a throwback to when LEGO was built in your imagination instead of a booklet of instructions. LEGO is not a girls’ toy or a boys’ toy, it’s a toy for your imagination becoming whatever you want.

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3 Ways To Clean LEGO

When we went to the LEGO KidsFest this spring, my wife only wanted to know one thing: how do you clean LEGO? She surprised to find out 3 ways to clean LEGO.

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Everything Is Awesome At LEGO KidsFest

The LEGO KidsFest is an absolute assault on the imagination of kids and adults alike. It is a huge mosh pit of LEGO bricks that will leave your kids smiling and whispering “Everything is awesome.”

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